Carpet Pro CPU 2T Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

If you want professional results at a reasonable price, then you should definitely check out the Carpet Pro CPU 2T Vacuum Cleaner. Coming from a Tacony Corporation, the manufacturer of Riccar and Simplicity Vacuums, and recommended by vacuum cleaner repairmen, who said it was one of the most durable, trouble-free vacuums they saw, speaks volumes. But there’s more.

It has a 10 Amp motor and, although it doesn’t sound like much, it provides ample amount of power. It is a great solution if you’re struggling with pet hair. The vacuum cleaner moves effortlessly – as a matter of fact, you’ll feel as if Carpet Pro is pulling you.

Carpet Pro CPU 2T Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • High Quality, Commercial Vacuum Cleaner;
  • Powerful 10 Amp Motor;
  • Four-Stage Electrostatic Filtration;
  • 40-Feet Long Power Cord;
  • Long Lasting Metal Brush Roll;
  • Various On-Board Tools;
  • Metal Bottom Plate;
  • Guard Against Damage to Soft Furniture;
  • Extendable Hose;

Carpet Pro CPU 2T Vacuum Cleaner Customer Feedback

Although there weren’t that many reviews on this vacuum cleaner on the internet, the ones we found were really great. Customers are very happy with this product and can’t recommend this product enough.

But first, let’s see what they disliked about this particular vacuum cleaner. Some customers said they disliked the size and bright yellow color. A couple of customers said it doesn’t perform that well on hardwood floors. And that’s it. Sure it doesn’t have an appeal of a Dyson but hey, it’s a vacuum cleaner-not a fashion accessory. As far as hardwood floors are concerned, one customer said it best; he doesn’t use vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors-he uses a broom/mop.

The rest of the reviews are glowing. They reported that the Carpet Pro is very powerful – you’ll literally feel like it’s pulling you across the room. They said it is not loud at all. One customer said she was able to vacuum without waking up her kids. One customer said that what made her buy this vacuum cleaner are recommendations of the vacuum repairmen themselves who said that this is one of the most durable and reliable vacuum cleaners on the market. The best thing is the price of this unit – it’s less than half of a Dyson! Click here to read more about Carpet Pro CPU 2T Vacuum Cleaner.

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