Miele Olympus S2120 – The Canister King

Miele is a German company with almost a century of experience in vacuum cleaner production.Their policy of constant improvement has made them popular world-wide.Sure,their products don’t come cheap but they make up for it with great performance and unparalleled durability.Their vacuums are a first choice of many professionals in many countries.The Olympus model is no different;it’s great design and performance dwarf other canisters on the market.Miele Olympus is the lowest priced and the most popular product in the S2 series.It does a great job of cleaning and is very easy to use.Instead of wheels that enable you to move the vacuum forward and back,the Olympus is equipped with casters which provide full range of motion.It does a great job on carpets as well as hardwood floors.But there’s more.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 1200 Watt motor and a six-stage suction control which enables you to adjust the suction levels depending on what surfaces you’re trying to vacuum.It is also equipped with a standard filter which captures over ninety percent of particles 0.3 microns in size or larger.Another neat feature is an indicator that gives you a signal when the dust bag is full.Changing the bag and filter is a breeze,since they are really easy to access.It comes with a carpet/floor combo head,a telescopic wand and a non-electric hose.This vacuum weighs just under ten pounds and is very easy to maneuver thanks to the casters.Olympus is really quiet especially on lower suction settings.

Olympus S2120 Features & Specs

  • Powerful 1200 Watt Motor – provides enough suction for the most challenging cleaning tasks;
  • Six-Level Suction Control – adjustable power levels for various tasks both delicate and the ones that require raw power;
  • Excellent Maneuverability – inbuilt casters allow easy movement in all directions;
  • Quiet Operation – one of the quietest models on the market;
  • Lightweight – weighing in at just under ten pounds,this unit is very easy to move and operate;
  • Great filtration – it’s inbuilt filter captures more than ninety percent of airborne particles.

Customer Feedback on Miele Olympus S2120

This is one of the most popular canister vacuums on the market today.The sheer number of customers and their reviews on Amazon.com proves it.At the time of writing this review,there are just under a hundred reviews on this product and the unit has received 4.5 stars from various customers.This is a true testament to the quality of this unit,its performance and durability.Most of the customers loved how quiet this vacuum is,and praised its ability to perform great on both carpets and hardwood floors.A number of customers complimented it’s design and ease of use.But the thing that made customers fall in love with this particular vacuum cleaner is its suction power.Although it is very lightweight, it has a lot of power and is able to thoroughly clean most of the surfaces you deal with in your home.A number of customers said that the air filter is great and does a great job of capturing most of the particles their previous models just spat out into the air.

All in all, the Miele Olympus is a great entry into the world of Miele Vacuums.If you’re looking to get the best bang for the buck,the Olympus is one of the best choices out there.Click here to check it out on Amazon.com.

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