Miele Twist 7120 – The BMW of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There’s a reason there are so many glowing reviews for Miele vacuums.In such a competitive market,this German company has positioned itself as one of the most innovative ones and one that’s known to produce high quality and durable products.The Miele Twist is an affordable vacuum cleaner that performs just as well as most of their higher priced models.If your old vacuum cleaner is unable to cope with pet hair,messy carpets and hardwood floors like it used to, then this review might be an eye opener for you.

Miele Twist Features and Benefits

  • Double-Motor System – with on/off electric brush switch which makes transitioning from carpets to bare floors a breeze;
  • 1200 Watt Vortex Motor – provides powerful suction at the push of a button;
  • Motor Protection System with Indicator – prevents damage to the unit from unwanted objects being sucked up;
  • One of a Kind Electric brush – making your vacuuming even easier;
  • Quiet Operation – allows you to keep the conversation without yelling;
  • Swivel Neck – moves in every direction,makes the vacuum lie flat on the floor;great for hard-to-reach places;
  • 360 Degree Casters – allow you to move the vacuum cleaner in every direction effortlessly;
  • Nine-Layer Electrostatic Dust Bag – sealed for carefree change;
  • 39 Feet Long Electric Cord – one of the longest on the market;
  • 54 feet of Operating Radius – you’ll rarely need to unplug and replug this product;
  • No Assembly Needed – it is out-of-the-box ready for operation;
  • Quality German Craftsmanship – should last a long,long time;

The design of this unit is genius with  special addition to details;Miele Twist is very intuitive and ergonomic.It is a bit heavy but the center of gravity is low,which makes this vacuum very easy to operate.The additional weight is there for a reason since there are no cheap parts on this product;all of the plastic is very durable and the bottom of the unit is made of metal.it is also equipped with a rubber bumper and an indent on a beater bar which makes it super easy to remove any hair,strings or other problematic stuff.The design of this unit is such that it will probably last for more than fifteen years.In fact,It could turn out to be the last vacuum you’ll purchase.But there’s more.

It has a high-power,1200 watt motor which produces serious suction.It will suck up anything that gets in it’s way.For that reason,the engineers at Miele have devised an automatic cut off system that prevents the vacuum from gobbling up something that can cause serious damage to your vac.It is also equipped with an on/off brush button at the tip of your fingers which makes the vacuum glide from hardwood floors to carpets effortlessly.

One of the messiest things when it comes to vacuuming is cleaning the filters and removing the dust bag.At the core of Miele Twist’s filtration system lies a sealed nine-layer,electrostatic dust bag that traps all of the dust particles safely inside.It is spring loaded so,there’s no danger of dust getting all over your freshly vacuumed floors,your clothes,hands or face.A true testament to the power of this vacuum is it’s ability to go on sucking anything that comes in it’s way even though the dust bag was full to the brim!Although a bit costly, you can expect your dust bags to last you for about two months of regular use and that’s if you own pets and/or have little children.

The Twist lies flat on the floor and makes it possible to access all the hard-to-reach places with its short nose .This,combined with great ergonomics and casters that make it turn and swivel effortlessly,makes it a great candidate for your next vacuum cleaner.One of the traits of all Miele vacuums is that they are all quiet – the Twist is no different.You can easily hold a conversation in a normal tone while operating it.

It requires no assembly – all you have to do is plug it in and off you go!It has one of the longest cords on the market;at 39 feet,it allows for an operating radius of 54 feet.You won’t be needing to unplug this unit a lot.Plus,it takes very little place in the closet in the upright position.

Miele Twist Consumer Reports

This is one of the highest rated upright vacuums on the Amazon market.A great majority of customers have assigned five stars to this particular vacuum cleaner.People commented how they liked the sturdy construction and build quality.They particularly liked the amounts of suction this unit has at its disposal,as well as the ability to go from carpets to bare floors effortlessly.They reported that it was a bit on the heavy side but,they also said they’d expect a quality product like this to be a little heavier due to the use of quality parts.”The BMW of Vacuums” – sums it up nicely.
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